Book entitled "History of the Birdlip Aeronautical Communication Complex (1940-2017), Revised Edition by Colin McKeeman

Communications from the Cotswolds
Following some five years of research I have compiled and published this book on the history of this vital U.K. based long-range aeronautical communications station, based in the Cotswolds.

This revised and enlarged edition runs to some 470 pages, with over 250 illustrations and attempts to deal with the subject in a non-technical manner.

It records the chronological development and working infrastructure of one of the major U.K. communication centres created in the 1940's which was responsible to support long-range aviation contact. Birdlip and its associated transmitter site at Winstone, deserves to have its story retold in this single volume. Accordingly, this book is a consolidation of official archive material, newspaper reports, technical manuals, museum extracts and most importantly, individuals recollections of their own and family related experiences whilst working at either station.

This soft-cover book is priced at STGĀ£30.00 (including post and packing to all U.K. mainland addresses); for orders and prices to other destinations, please contact the author via the 'Contact Me' menu option on this website. PayPal is the preferred payment option but other choices are available.

Some photographs of both Birdlip and Winstone are available here, on my Flickr site. (The 'Back arrow' option in the top left hand corner of the Flickr page will bring you back here.)

NOTE: Due to recent high demand, on a few copies left.


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